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Survey Research

Wearable Technology

This project was completed for my Survey Research course.

As a group, we were assigned to Verge Pipe Media, a local Auburn company. We performed survey research to gather statistics on the potential purchase behavior and preferences of 18 to 24 year olds on wearable technology products.

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Break the Silence

This campaign was created for the use of Unity Wellness Center, an organization working to educate community members on HIV/AIDS and assist those diagnosed with their medical needs.

The main idea behind this campaign was to first address the negative stigma placed on HIV/AIDS in order to increase communication regarding the disease and safe sex practices. We aimed to provide the client with new means of communicating with their unreached audience and the material to strengthen their voice in the community.

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Corporate Healthcare

I created this info-graphic for the use of SHIFT Consulting, a company offering corporate health program implementation.

This infographic aims to inform the viewer of the dramatic costs of providing healthcare for unhealthy employees and then provide simple solutions to encourage employees to live healthier lifestyles.

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Corporate Health and Wellness

This brochure was created for the use of SHIFT Consulting, a company offering health program implementation and health assessments to corporations.

The objective is to encourage employees to engage in healthier lifestyles in order to lower healthcare costs and increase productivity.

The brochure highlights the costs of unhealthy employees and the role of HR in improving a company's atmosphere.

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Making Auburn Home

I created this magazine using Indesign CS6 and Photoshop.

This magazine was assigned in my Style and Design course. Content consists of some of my favorite feature stories I have written on events in the Auburn area.

Undergraduate Research

Facebook's Disturbance of Mental Wellness

I received my fellowship acceptance from the College of Liberal Arts which provided funding and the opportunity to work with Dr. Susan Waters.

Under Dr. Waters, I conducted research on the effects of Impression Management on individuals sending and receiving information on Facebook. We began with a literary analysis and plan to continue our research with a survey and data analysis.

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